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Integrated access to the digital textbook, Teacher’s Manual content, Audio, and Vocabulary!

Introducing Yourself

Sleep and Rest

In the Classroom

Having Guests in Your Home

In the Clubhouse

In a Shop

Romance and Relationships

Conversation and Discussion

Parents and Children

Asking a Favor

Interacting with Strangers

Important notice!

From September 1st, 2023, the password application process is simplified:

Before the change:

The following four resources are password-protected:

  • Teachers’ page
  • Teacher’s Manual (PDF)
  • Flipbooks
  • Vocabulary page for students

After the change:

Password protection is only for the following two items:

  • Teacher’s site
    One single password will enable you to access the resources on the Teacher’s site(this). Once you are in, no extra passwords will be needed: just click on the desired link, and the digital textbooks (flipbooks and Google Slides) will open without needing to enter extra passwords (flipbooks) or get permission (Google Slides). 
  • “Vocabulary” page for students (Japanese translations)